.357 Max. 225g Hawk FP 1650FPS

.357 Max. 225g Hawk FP 1650FPS
  • Item #: 357MX225HWK
  • Manufacturer: RAR

225g Hawk FP 1650FPS .357 Maximum/supermag (not .357 Magnum) for the Dan Wesson, and BFR Revolvers and Single shot firearms. With its 1.6" case the .357 Max provides a great improvement in velocity and terminal ballistics while keeping recoil mild. Great for hunting and silhouette shooting. With the Hawk 225g FP Hawk bullet are well known World Wide as some of the best custom bullets out there for hunting applications. With an annealed pure copper jacket and pure lead core they provide the perfect balance of malleability to fill the bore thus giving superior accuracy as well as a balanced approach to terminal ballistics. Hawk bullets typically expand 2-3 times caliber size plus retain 80-95% or more of the original weight resulting in more one shot kills. The soft jacket also has a lower frictional coefficient, which reduces pressure and fouling. When produced they are specially cleaned to provide a near welded core to jacketed to prevent separation once expanded/ Provides deep penetration as well as superior accuracy.

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