.41 Magnum 230g Keith Style

.41 Magnum 230g Keith Style
  • Item #: 41mag230KIT
  • Manufacturer: RAR

.41 Magnum loaded with our 230g Keith Style hard cast bullet. This load produces 1350FPS from a 6" barrel, with 930Ft-Lbs of energy. Very accurate and very hard hitting. *We have noted some problems with this load chambering in some Ruger BlackHawks. It seems the throats are too tight in about 60% of the BH's we've looked at and had reports on. If your BH's throat measures less than .4115" then you will need to order one of the other .41 Mag loads. We recommend the 225g Lead FP loads or the 250g WFN-GC loads. Additionally the cylinder needs to be able to accept a 1.700 OAL (like S&W, Dan Wessons, etc).

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