.45 ACP Shot Shells 150g #12 chilled Shot

.45 ACP Shot Shells 150g #12 chilled Shot
  • Item #: 45acpvsht12
  • Manufacturer: RAR
Back in production by popular demand! The Viper line of ammunition. This ammunition is .45 ACP loaded with 150g of #12 size chilled (apx. 750ct).This ammunition will not hurt your rifling in any way. The brass has an integral shoulder for proper head-spacing in semi-automatic pistols. Most pistols will cycle correctly with the original recoil spring. If you have increased your spring weight, it may not cycle; however a quick hand cycle of the slide will chamber a fresh round. They are crimped in a star pattern with a round profile for positive feeding from the magazine. This ammunition is designed for small pest control and especially snakes (hence the Viper name). This is a must for those who hike, camp, or fish in areas that snakes may be present. Center the bore-line with the head of the snake, pull the trigger, and your snake problem is solved. Packaged 25 rounds per box
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