.45 Colt 355g WFN GC 1240FPS

.45 Colt 355g WFN GC 1240FPS
  • Item #: 45LC335gWFNTC
  • Manufacturer: RAR

The perfect all around big game hunting load. The .45 Colt loaded with a gas checked hard cast 335g Wide Flat Nose bullet that will smash its way through bone and hide and keep going. A rated 1240Fps from a 7" barrel with 1211Ft-Lbs of energy at the muzzle. If you cannot bring an animal down with the load you are likely not in North America. The special alloy in the bullet, with its high silver content, provides for a very hard bullet that will not shatter upon impact and will not lead the bore. Even when shooting steel, the bullet deforms on impact and keeps going. Loaded 50 rounds per box. This ammunition is for the Ruger, Freedom Arms, and Thompson Center Pistols ONLY

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