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.**00**Need Something you don't see?**00**

Many products and configurations are not listed. We have available calibers, loads, and bullets that are not listed in the main store. IF you need something we do not have listed, shoot us an e-mail, chances are we have it available. info@reedsammo.com

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.455 265g Hollow Base LRN

.455 265g Hollow Base LRN

100 count boxes of .455 Webley bullets. These are cast soft at 8-9BHN sized .455" and lubed with our soft CaraRed lube. These bullets feature the proper hollow base and nose shape for the .455 Colt, .455 Eley, .450 Revolver, .450 Short, .450...

  • Price: $18.00

.455 Eley 265g MK I

.455 Eley 265g MK I

.455 Eley (AKA .455 Colt) 265g Hollow Base MK I. This ammunition replicates the original MK 1 Loading of 670FPS. We smokeless powder in the round, however it is at th lower black powder pressure. This ammunition is safe for use in all revolvers...

  • Price: $65.00

.455 Eley Colt 250g HP Bullets 100 Count

100 count .455" Manstopper 250g Hollow Point Wad Cutter bullets for the .455 Colt, .455 Eley, .450 Revolver, .450 Short, .450 Adams, .455 Enfield, .455 Webley MK III. These bullets are cast soft for proper expansion. We also offer this bullet as...

  • Price: $20.00

.455 Eley Colt 250g MK III Hollow Point

50 round boxes of .455 Eley/Colt Mark III ammunition with the 250g Hollow Point Wad Cutter (A.K.A. Manstopper).

  • Price: $60.00

.455 Eley/.455 Colt Brass

50 Pieces of properly formed and trimmed .455 Eley (a.k.a. .455 Colt) Brass

  • Price: $30.00