.455 Eley 265g MK I

.455 Eley 265g MK I
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.455 Eley (AKA .455 Colt)  265g Hollow Base MK I. This ammunition replicates the original MK 1 Loading of 670FPS. We smokeless powder in the round, however it is at th lower black powder pressure. This ammunition is safe for use in all revolvers made for the .455 Colt and .455 Eley in good working order. A very mild recoil round with a nose shape that did better than the .45 Colt (.45 Long Colt) in testing back in 1904. The .45 ACP was developed due to those testing results.

Note: This ammunition is different from the .455 Webley, it has a longer case and cannot be used in those revolvers.


50 Rounds per box.

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