Squirrel Cartridge Board .12 to .22 Walnut display

Squirrel Cartridge Board .12 to .22 Walnut display
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Squirrel Cartridge (SQ) Board which has the .12 SQ, .14 SQ, .17 SQ, .20 SQ, and .22 SQ. The Squirrel is based on a shortened .22 Hornet case. We also have the .10 SQ cartridges but the boards for it are not ready, if you would like a loose round we will include it for an extra 5.00. All the rounds are inert, the bases have been tapped and are screwed into the board, so this item is legal all over the US. The base is stained walnut, there are felt pads on the bottom to protect any wood work where you display it. The Squirrel is pewter. S/H will be actual cost.

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