Wolfe 18.5# Spring, CZ-52

Wolfe 18.5# Spring, CZ-52
  • Item #: WLFSPCZ52-18.5
  • Manufacturer: Wolfe
This is the most highly recommended spring for shooting our ammunition from the CZ-52. It will allow other lower loads to function (S&B, Wolf, etc) however it helps reduce felt recoil as well as reduces wear and tear on the pistol. As a side note, it helps keep the brass in the local county at least. When shooting full power ammunition, we recommend the spring be changed between 750-1000 rounds, you will notice the spring shorten over time, and you should have a good feel when it begins to weaken. They do wear like any other part, changing the recoil spring, mag spring, and keeping the extractor clean is the best way to keep this little hot-rod running fine.
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